Monday, May 29, 2006

Barbaro Breakdown

I was one of 100,000 people at Pimlico when Barbaro broke his back right leg and ankle. The gasps and the screams from the crowd was something I have never heard in my life and I hope I never have to hear again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horrific and heartbreaking.

10:02 AM  
Blogger bucky said...

I wasn't watching the race on TV that day, had something to do, but when I heard about Barbero, my heart just....well, it just stopped for second and went right into my throat. I immediately wanted to know if he was ok, if he would have to be put down (my biggest fear)....all of these thoughts went through my head. It's funny, you know, we don't really pay attention to who is in the running, well some of us don't, until it is a championship game in sports. I don't really watch horseracing, but always get excited when there is a possible Triple Crown horse out there, so in the back of my mind I keep up. Now I am completely immersed in following the recovery of this magnificent creature. I even put his face on my computer as my incredible athlete, yes, he is. When I saw these pictures, I could hear the screams of that audience and can't even begin to imagine the pain he felt when that happened. He's a toughie though, got to give him that, and I am keeping Barbero in my prayers until he sets foot on grass again, which I just know will happen. You go Barbaro!

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Sandie said...

Looking at these pictures, I cry just as hard today as I did when I first watched Barbaro's horrific breakdown during the Preakness. The images of Edgar Prado are equally as heart-wrenching. These photos bring to mind those of Go for Wand...absolutely horrifying and so very, very sad. Barbaro's owners chose to give him a chance at life. Due to this, he continues to defy the odds to this day. God bless Mr. & Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Matz, Mr. Brette, Mr. Prado, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Richardson, and the entire staff at New Bolton Center. You are all to be commended for your compassion and commitment to Barbaro, and I deeply admire and respect you all. Barbaro is a true champion in every sense of the word in that he epitomizes intelligence, beauty and grace, dignity and confidence, courage and determination, and such a huge, huge heart. He has united so many people in their love and concern for him, at a time when so many are divided. Barbaro is truly a wonder, and a beautiful gift to this world. I pray he recovers and goes on to live a wonderfully full life-because he deserves to, because he has earned it.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I remember is repeatedly saying to my father, "Daddy, NO, No... and my father saying, "He's (Barbaro) okay". I still pray Barbaro will have a complete recovery. Tears welled up in my eyes as I viewed the pictures, but just think, Barbaro is still fighting, just like all of us.

Hang in there, Barbaro!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photos really tear at my heart & stomach.But the pictures were well done & I must say that I never cease to be amazed at Barbaro's intelligence in protecting/helping himself & he is just so incredibly beautiful.I pray for Bobby's complete recovery & know if anyone one can, it is Bobby who can do it. Thank you for the photos & I look forward to the Fair Hill photos.Love & prayers to you Bobby!

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible photos....but so tragic. God, I love this horse, as if he were my own. I will never forget this day, and the horrific loss of Bobby's racing career, the loss of what I truly believe was a Triple Crown in the making, and the loss at the possibilities that would have brought to the sport and to the nation. God was shining on us the day he brought this magnificent creature to us. That love still shines in a very different lite for now, but my money was on Barbaro for the Derby, and my money was on Barbaro for the Preakness, and my money is still on Barbaro to WIN the fight of/for his life. This horse doesn't know anything BUT winning. He is a champion in the truest sense of the word, and what a gift he is to behold. Gods speed to you, Bobby. You go, boy. And go , and go. I love you.

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Terry said...

I wasn't going to look at these photos, but decided that it is part of MY healing process...the way out is the way back through. Yep, they were not fun to look at, but once again I realize how amazing this thorourbred is...Barbaro, you are loved beyond belief!

2:07 PM  
Blogger The Notorious CBQ said...

These are truly horrific photos. I wasn't totally aware of the extent of his injury. OUCH!

I'm sure you have been following Barbaro's medical progress since these pictures were taken. It would be nice if you updated your blog to add some pix during his recovery -- to show that HE DID make it through this horrible accident and is doing quite well (considering). You can find pics at That is where he is being cared for (Univ of Penn New Bolton Center).

Barbaro is being care for by the best of the best! From Dr. Dean Richardson to the entire staff of caregivers, trainers at New Bolton Center. Barbaro gets baskets of goodies, flowers, and more! on a daily basis. The local florist makes several runs a day.

Barbaro has been fitted with a 'jolly jumper' sling apparatus which helps to take the weight off his injured leg and infected right foot. It has been reported that Barbaro actually entertains himself by 'boinging' around the stall in his 'jolly jumper'. He has adapted well to everything. His doctors report he is extremely alert, interested, and has that sparkle in his eye.

Barbaro has quite a following of 'Barbaromaniacs' who light candles online at to send out positive vibes and spiritual healing for 'Bobby' (as his friends call him ;)

Yes, May 20th was a horrific day. But Barbaro has come a loooong was since then. You might care to update. He looks pretty good too ;)

You might want to check out for the latest 'from the horses mouth' info on Barbaro's recovery.

Believe in Miracles! Believe in Barbaro!

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. My wife and I were also at Pimlico that horrible afternoon. We had been following Barbaro since we saw him in person at the Laurel Futurity in 2005. My wife who worked at a Maryland race horse breeding farm in her younger days turned to me at Laurel and said we needed to pay very close attention to this magnificant horse. And we did! After Laurel we bought great seats for the Preakness and got to go over to where Barbaro was being saddled before the race. All we were focused on was him. Later, when he bolted out of the gate I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that he would not win the race, but never in my wildest nightmares would I have thought the tragedy getting ready to occur would happen. The gasp that rose from the stands and the crying and hands up to faces told the story. I too never hope to hear that sound again!!
Not since Secretariat have I marveled and admired a race horse like I have and continue to "love" Barbaro. We check his daily progress through Tim Wooley's site and we pray for his recovery each day ever knowing that his chances are still very slim. This horse has become an incredible inspiration to people around the nation (and the world).I know that many people don't "get it" and wonder what all this emotion for a horse is about. But, millions understand the heart of a champion and want to see him win this biggest battle of his live. If love, hopes, letters, emails, flowers, prayers,and positive thinking can help a miracle occur then he will fully recover as he has become perhaps the most beloved horse in history (even without winning the Triple Crown).

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look for the day when all animal racing is a thing of the past.It never ceases to amaze me what people do with animals in the name of greed and or entertainment.
Barbaro keep fighting, this is the hardest race of your life....

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Pam said...

I first saw and heard of Barbaro during the preview to the Preakness. I saw something special in the eyes of this amazing horse as he prepared for the race. While not a horse racing fan, I just happened to watch the race and from the moment he false started until the accident it all seemed so surreal. The photographs once again make us relive a moment of time we wish we could somehow turn back. Barbaro is a special creature who has the spirit and intelligence to beat his injury. The photographs show how quickly he and Edgar reacted. Thank you for sharing the photos. I hope you will also take some of his recovery. Go Barbaro!

7:54 PM  
Anonymous ann said...

I was watching the preakness with my husband and when i saw that barbaro broke through the gate i told my husband that this was not a good sign. and said outloud that perhaps someone should not allow him to race. however i watched with horror when edgar pulled him back and saw that his right hind ankle was hanging in a awkward position, i started to scream and cry, this scene brought back memories of june 1975 at belmont park with the wonderful filly Ruffian having broken her front leg.I sat in my livingroom and rocked back and forth and praying that this wonderful horse would not subcumb to that horrible fate of being put down.
To the Jacksons, The Dr's and all who are connected with the Wonderful, beautiful horse, i thank you for not giving up.
May God continue to bless each and eveyone of you

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was not watching the race that day, Thank God. But heard about it the next morning and I was sick all day. Ever since I have been consumed with his recovery and keep a daily tab of his progress. I am not a big fan of horseracing for reasons like these. I feel it is very unfair for a horse to be put in this situation in which he has no choice but to be there-and he gave it his all. And now he is fighting for his life. I think race track safety, and the sport as a whole, needs to take a long hard look at itself. These animals safety MUST come first, or these tragedies will continue to happen. However, I applaud the Jacksons and his family for giving him the chance to live, he has more than earned it.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this day will go down in history not just for people who watch raceing but who have horses i DONT KNOW WHAT i would ever do if somthing ever happened to mine... i thank god everyday to keep mine safe..... rip BARBARo..... we love n miss u very much

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't get to watch the Preakness that day but my dad told me Barbaro broke down. I couldn't believe it at all. It breaks your heart to see an Undefeated Kentucky Derby winner break down. He was the one that got me hooked on racing. Seeing him made me attached to horses forever. Love you, Barbaro

10:32 AM  
Blogger horsefankatie said...

I saw the race that ay and it was sooooo sad.Im sooo sorry Michael i hope you never have to see any thing like this again.

Barbaro,Katie loves you!

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there too. No one was screaming. What happened was already dramatic enough, you don't need to fabricate details just to give your story extra angst.

8:44 PM  
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